Bee Pest Control

Bee Pest Control

Since bees in Australia and worldwide are threatened with declining populations, you might wonder why our Geelong pest exterminators at Acacia Pest Control are often called in for the removal of problem nests or hives near homes or offices.

Bees are a vital part of the ecosystem and while protecting them is essential, this doesn’t follow that you have to share your living areas with buzzing beehives. Some bee species can damage your home or become hostile. There have been deaths attributed in the past to stings by single bees in sensitive people and attacks by hostile swarms of bees, even in those who aren’t allergic.

Bees are, of course, not as destructive to your Geelong home or commercial infrastructure as rats, mice or termites, but they can be a problem to remove if they set up hives or colonies in awkward or inappropriate spots. If they do, call in the exterminators.

At Acacia Pest Control Geelong, we keep abreast of all the latest bee control innovations. We support over 200 local businesses and over 10,000 families by providing professional exterminators for removal solutions to bee swarming or hives.

Before choosing a method for the removal of a problem hive of bees, Acacia Pest Control exterminators in Geelong will identify the species of stinging insect to decide whether they’re bees, wasps, or hornets. This helps to measure the damage and threat of the sting they carry and the method of their removal.

Australia has native stingless bees, which are not a problem, and there are several species of feral or introduced bees in Australia. The main ones are the European honey bee (Apis mellifera), the Asian honey bee (Apis cerana) in Queensland and the Bumblebee (Bombus Terrestris) in Tasmania.

Commercial Bee Control

Honey bees use rock cavities, caves, and hollow trees as natural nesting sites, and buildings often offer the same protections. But when the nest becomes too overcrowded, the old queen leaves and takes an entourage of about 30,000 bees with her. If the scout bee finds your building suitable, she lands there, and the rest follow. 

Maintaining the health of a commercial building and its occupants is a top priority for business owners, and a nest of bees inside or outside can be a problem. A bee swarm can interrupt business and threaten a few days’ profits and the health of workers if they’re allergic to bee stings.

If you own a commercial property where a restaurant, factory, or warehouse e.g., operates, you need to keep bees and other pests under control for good health and hygiene. But also for the health and safety of the public, customers, suppliers, and staff since bee stings can be harmful to vulnerable people. 

Even a colony of stingless bees nesting in a chimney leading to a restaurant’s kitchen, e.g. can pose problems and would need to be removed so the chef can cook without bees flying everywhere.  

When Bees Nest Where They Shouldn’t

Bees will often nest in the shelter provided by buildings, and if the old queen leaves the nest, bees have to create a new nest. Scout bees can take a few days to find a new nesting site, and since they can’t tell the difference between a natural site and a man-made one, they could choose your building. 

So chimneys, inside walls, eaves and other areas with cavities are just as good as a tree hollow to them. Bees that can’t find a suitable new nesting site often build cones beneath a building’s eaves or in other unusual places. However, birds or other bees will usually eventually destroy these kinds of colonies.

So, when the scout has found a new site, the bees cluster, releasing a chemical that alerts the other bees, which will swarm around the queen. If this swarm poses a threat to your business, workers or customers, it will have to be removed by experts such as the professionals at Acacia Pest Control Geelong.    

We Have Bee Controllers Near You

At Acacia Pest Control, our Geelong-based professional pest management team of experts is the best when it comes to humanely managing bee swarms.  Never disturb a swarm of bees in or near your commercial building because the bees can become angry and protect their queen so they can sting mercilessly. 

Instead, call Acacia Pest Control so we can remove the nest without killing the bees. You can also call a local apiarist who can remove the queen, and the swarm will follow her. 

Our company has professional bee swarm managers and pest controllers near you. These experts can provide you with the best customer service, advice, and bee pest removal and treatments available in Geelong.  We value our ability to provide you with peace of mind since we understand how unnerving it can be knowing there’s a bee swarm inside your commercial building or outside premises. With our bee control experts taking care of your building, you can take care of your business.

Residential Bee Pest Control

Bee swarm protection measures, including a pest inspection report outlining whether or not you have honey bees or stingless bee nests active on or near your property can help ensure your family is safe from stings. 

Regular bee inspections are a crucial part of the control of these and other pests in and around your home.  Bee nest infestation prevention measures are crucial to keep your home free from aggressive honey bees which have a very painful sting.  

Keep Your Home Safe From Bee Swarms

At Acacia, our bee experts can recognise the species nesting or swarming on or near your home. Once our professionals have identified the kind of bee activity we can treat, remove and stop future infestations or nesting. 

Bees will swarm if they smell honey or there has been a nest previously that has not been cleared properly. We’re experts in the treatment and control of bees so a pest inspection, treatment, and removal of the bees is as crucial in residential houses as they are in commercial settings.  

All houses need professional pest management services including bee swarm control. With the help of Acacia Pest Control’s professional pest management, you’ll receive treatments, solutions, removal and management of your bee problem.

These require special treatment by exterminators:

  • The European Honey Bee: These bees have been in Australia for about 190 years, but their distribution and numbers have increased. How many feral colonies there are is unknown, but they can hive off into unwanted areas and cause problems if they are hostile or feel the nest is threatened. The preferred method of removal is relocation.
  • The Asian Honey Bee: Of the nine species of feral honey bee in Australia, this is the third smallest. It’s a native of Asia, but in 2007, these bees were found in Cairns, Queensland. Authorities tried to eradicate the Asian honey bee, but by 2011 it was declared as ineradicable.
  • The Bumble Bee: These are aggressive bees only when threatened, and prefer to nest in fluffy, loose materials and occasionally underground.
Commercial & Residential Bee Control

At Acacia Pest Control Geelong we strive to be the best at Identifying, qualifying and delivering bee hive removal, and control – our exterminators have solutions that go beyond our customer’s expectations.

Why Are Bees So Harmful?


Bees are highly aggressive and cause some big problems when they’re threatened or disturbed, and when intruders come anywhere close to their nests.

Bees can also attack in large numbers and have been known to kill people this way, with multiple stings. It’s a necessary safety precaution that you stay right away from bees’ nests, and call in professional exterminators in Geelong.

When bees sting, the problem is that they inject a highly toxic venom into the bloodstream, which results in pain and swelling. People with fair complexions show the swelling more markedly, and anyone who is allergic can suffer anaphylactic shock and die if not treated as soon as possible.

Apart from the harm caused to humans and animals from bee stings, when they form colonies, or hives, nests, and wax combs in areas that are inappropriate, they can damage property and cause problems.

Bees can build their nests around or even inside outdoor air conditioning units, underneath roof eaves, or even in walls or roofs of Geelong homes and commercial premises. Such hives or nests can not only cause disruptions in the function of electrical appliances, they can block elements, and gutters, and bee activity can cause damage to the structures around them.

Acacia Pest Control exterminators can solve the problem of bees’ nests in and around your Geelong home or office, so call us today.

How to Control Bees

Dealing with a pest colony of bees living in your Geelong home or workplace may be easy or difficult, depending on whether the hive is exposed.

The best option is to call in the professional exterminators at Acacia Pest Control to avoid being stung, and to do it as soon as possible, so the bees don’t make incursions into your living areas and cause further problems.

The removal of a bees’ nest by professional exterminators as soon as it’s discovered is vital in making sure you and your family are safe and that your property is prevented from being damaged further.

Do You Need a Bee Control Expert?

If you’re worried about pest bees in your Geelong area, you should also make sure you have a regular professional pest inspection and control measures. When it comes to bees, whatever you do, don’t try to eradicate them by yourself or else you’ll suffer the consequences of their painful stings. If you see a beehive or a bee colony on or near your property, don’t panic.

Immediately contact Acacia Pest Control in Geelong, and we’ll send our bee control experts who are fully equipped for the removal of the whole colony. We’ll take care of the bees, from the removal of the nest and hive materials, to spraying the location of the colony to prevent the bees  from returning.

If you need a bee removal expert or an exterminator, call Acacia Pest Control today.

Bee Control Expert

What To Expect From Our Bee Pest Control Services

Bee Pest Control Services

The safe removal of bees has altered over the years. In the past, pest control companies commonly used dust and sprays to treat and kill bees in places such as voids or in homes. 

Bee Pest Control Services

Now we’re more aware of how important bees are to our ecosystem, so at Acacia Pest Control Services in Geelong we use natural methods and removal as the best option. This is the case especially with those bees used in the honey industry. Professional beekeepers can bring a hive box to the location and place the queen bee inside.

The rest of the hive of bees will follow and not need to be exterminated. The honey and combs will be removed as well from the home or void, so other bees aren’t attracted to the location.

Dusting and sprays are risky to use because they can cause the bees to sense a threat to the hive, so they become hostile trying to protect their queen. Under no circumstances should you attempt to kill bees by pouring petrol or kerosene into a nest, because you could be stung horribly, and could cause a fire.

If you’re having a problem with a swarm or colony of bees in or around your Geelong home or yard, company offices or other business premises, call Acacia Pest Control on 1300 257 774, or send an email to