January 28, 2021

Do Carpet Beetles Bite? Facts and Potential Signs

‘Carpet beetles’ get their name as they’re typically found indoors within carpets – but they can also be found on clothing fabrics and pantries. The adult beetles only feed on things such as plants, flowers and pollen, but they typically lay their eggs in carpets. From here, the hatched larvae will feed on the animal proteins found in the carpets.

The furry, prickly little larvae munch on animal products like skin, feathers, fur, hair, wool and dead insects but don’t usually eat synthetics. Carpet beetle grubs live for 9 months! They’re brown, 4-5mm long and striped and prefer to live in birds’ nests outside, and wool carpet in homes.

But where do carpet beetles come from? Australia’s carpet beetles are similar to the species found worldwide and live throughout bushland and gardens and in urban areas. At any time of the year, the beetles will come inside to lay their eggs, preferring damp, dark places such as at the edges of a room or beneath furniture.

But the big question is, do Carpet beetles bite?

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Do Carpet Beetles Bite?

No, carpet beetles don’t bite humans, dogs or other animals. However, any long-term contact with the furry, fuzzy carpet beetle grubs may cause an itchy, bumpy allergic rash. An itchy rash or carpet beetle dermatitis can be mistaken for bed bug bites.

Potential side effects from carpet beetle larvae or grub fibres becoming airborne include eye and respiratory tract irritation. Symptoms of an allergic reaction to contact with carpet beetle grubs may include:

  • Watery, itchy, red eyes
  • A runny nose
  • A skin rash with welts or what look like bites, and possible a burning feeling
  • gastrointestinal problems
  • hives

Carpet beetles can be found anywhere in your home, but they mostly live in:

  • carpets
  • air vents
  • cupboards
  • Skirting boards
  • Inside walls

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Do Carpet Beetles Fly?

Do carpet beetles fly? Yes, the adult carpet beetles can fly, so they can easily get inside your home. Without a regular pest inspection from Acacia Pest Control, there could be infestations of these pests living in the walls. They feed on wasp nests, dead insects, dead mice, rats or birds, and become a big problem when they get into your living quarters.

The female lays her eggs in areas where the grubs can feast on your blankets, rugs, carpets, furniture upholstery, silk and wool items. Unless there’s oil, food or perspiration soaked into it, carpet beetle larvae won’t eat synthetics. They will get into animal food, milled products, seeds and more.

Carpet Beetles vs Bed Bugs?

To the ordinary person, it’d be very difficult to tell whether you have bed bugs or carpet beetles in your bed. Both these pests can live in bedding and mattresses, and the carbon dioxide you breathe out while asleep at night also attracts both insects. Bed bug bites and contact during the night or daytime with the furry carpet beetle larvae both can cause rashes, but the welts from a bed bug are from bites, and those from carpet beetle grubs are an allergic reaction to skin contact.

However, most people are rarely allergic to contact with carpet beetle larvae whereas bed bugs on the other hand commonly cause allergic reactions. So, if you happen to find rashes on your body, it may be likely you have bed bugs rather than carpet beetles.

Another way of figuring out whether you may have carpet beetles vs bed bugs is to check your sheets for dark or red stains. Bed bugs leave these sorts of stains on your sheets but carpet beetles leave only shed skins. Also, you’re also more likely to see carpet beetle grubs since they’re larger than bed bugs.

The best way to find out for sure of whether you have carpet beetles vs bed bugs is to get in touch with professional pest control experts at Acacia Pest Control. Our experienced pest control specialists will be able to quickly outline what type of insect pest you have in your home and have effective solutions to rid them in no time.

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