October 25, 2013

Geelong Region’s Mozzies…How to Fight Back

Beat the bites.

Hands up who likes Mosquitoes?

I don’t know of too many people who actually like mozzies- I can only think of one and I think he was more passionate about the frogs that eat them. Correct me if I am wrong Stuart [Parks Victoria]?

Most of us, who are less passionate about frogs, find it hard to see the up side of the little biters. Certainly having them join us for the periods we spend in the garden, at a BBQ or by the pool can be painful. But it is not something we no longer have to put up with. There is hope.

Strategy for combat

What can we do to win the battle and swing the war back in our favour?

Mozzie on H2O

Mozzies breed in water-

  • so clean up standing water in the yard
  • Put fish in ponds, etc -mozzies can tell if there are no fish present and will lay eggs
  • Screen water tank inlets and overflows

Proof the building-

  • Add or fix fly screens on windows and doors
  • Keep doors closed that don’t have screens

Treatments to fight back the invaders

  • We apply residual barriers to reduce the massive invading hordes from thousands to dozens

Mozzie Blower

  • We treat the whole yard, foliage, lawns, fences, external walls, pergola roofs, etc
  • Our specialized application equipment and the correct product choice give up to three months protection

Whilst we cannot stop the invading armies of flying mosquitoes from coming onto your property we can make a big difference to your outdoor enjoyment.

Any mosquitoes that breed on or hang around your property as residents will be knocked from pillar to post by our tactics. Numbers will drop by 90% in the first few hours of us visiting your property and any that drop in for a visit will not last long. The yards will become an invisible and inhospitable mine field to mozzies and flies.

Fighting battles in areas of activity : Ocean Grove; Barwon Heads; Jan Juc; Queenscliff; Point Lonsdale; Geelong; St Leonards; Connewarre; Torquay and Bellbrae.

Armed with this information you and I can make a massive difference to the quality of your own outdoor living experience.


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