October 6, 2021

How Clogged Gutters Can Attract Mosquitoes & Other Pest Problems

Something we see quite often at Acacia Pest Control Geelong are pest problems – especially mosquitoes – that are caused by clogged gutters, pipes, and downspouts.

It’s difficult to clean out gutters regularly, and if the weather ever gets extremely windy and rainy then the chances of getting blocked gutters and stubborn mosquito pest problems are quite high.

If you think you have a mosquito problem in your home, we’d first get you to check if you have any clogged gutters or pools of still water around your home for mosquitos (we’ll show you what that looks like below). We’ll also talk more about why mosquitoes are attracted to blocked gutters or still water in the first place, and most importantly, how you can avoid or get rid of mosquito pest problems in your home or property.

At Acacia Pest Control, we provide you with high quality mosquito pest control solutions to protect you and your family from pests, while promoting and using environmentally safe products wherever possible.

How to Check Whether You Have Mosquitoes in Your Blocked Gutters

Just last month we got called in to help remove mosquitoes eggs and larvae that had been growing within the blocked gutters of a local Geelong resident’s home. We managed to take a video of what they look like (see below):

The ‘squiggly’ bugs or insects that you see moving in the video captured above are mosquito larvaes or pupas – the stages of a mosquito’s life cycle just before they turn into an adult.
If you see similar ‘squiggly’ bugs like the ones above, then you may be dealing with a mosquito pest problem in your clogged gutters. However, it’s always best to call in a professional team of pest control experts to have that confirmed.

Why Do Mosquitoes Breed & Reproduce in Blocked Gutters?

Mosquitoes need to breed and reproduce in still water only, as their eggs simply wouldn’t survive if hatched in moving water.

There doesn’t even need to be a lot of still water to lay mosquito eggs, as any shallow or small amount of still water could be enough to be a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Once mosquito eggs are laid, they don’t require much nutrition or feeding, so it’s more important to stop mosquito eggs from being laid in the first place if you want to avoid unpleasant mosquito pest problems.

Plus, mosquitoes tend to stay close to where they’ve been breeding or hatched, meaning that if you see a few mosquitoes around your home, there’s likely to be much more.

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How to Avoid Clogged Gutters and Mosquito Pest Problems

The best way is to keep your gutters clean and have your home inspected regularly by pest control experts.

Clogged gutters not only attract mosquitoes but a range of other bugs, insects and pests which can cause damage to your property.

We recommend having clean gutters all year round but especially when it starts approaching the warmer seasons. When temperatures go up this is when mosquitoes are more likely to be active and start their breeding.

When Should You Call a Professional Pest Control Company?

If you’re seeing more mosquitoes around your home or property and concerned that you may have a pest infestation problem on your hands, then we’d suggest for you to contact our team at Acacia Pest Control Geelong as soon as possible.

The faster you address pest problems, the easier it will be later on – plus, our team is always happy to recommend you ways so you can reduce your chances of getting mosquito problems again in the future!

Also, we recommend having pest inspections every few months especially if you live in an area with a lot of trees or vegetation – since you’re more likely to have fallen leaves or debris on your roof, pipelines, and gutters and potentially attract a range of unwanted pests.

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