January 17, 2019

How to Get Rid of Flies Indoors

There’s no need to put up with nuisance, disease-carrying flies in your house. There are some very simple measures you can take to both rid your house of flies and to stop a small fly infestation from becoming a major one.

If you do have a seemingly insurmountable fly problem, and repellents, traps, sprays and fly catchers are not working, the best thing you can do is to call Acacia Pest Control. Then, once your house is free of flies, there are ways to keep them away. Below you’ll find some information about flies and tips on how to keep your house or workplace fly-free.

Fly Species and Other Facts

Flies carry diseases such as Salmonella, Typhoid, and E.Coli. Female flies live for about a month, and in that time they can lay from 400 to 600 eggs.  So it’s easy to see how a small fly  problem can escalate if you don’t do something to control an infestation. There are several different species of flies that infest houses, farms, restaurants and commercial kitchens, retails shops, and food-processing factories.

  • House flies: These flies are attracted to food odours. They breed in rotten food and animal droppings.
  • Fruit flies: These are attracted to anything sweet, including sugary drinks and fruit in kitchens and restaurants.
  • Drain flies: Rotten food, built-up organic waste and sewage in drains attract these flies.
  • Blowflies: These flies lay their eggs in kitchen waste, meat, dead pigeons, mice and rats.

Remove Fly Food Sources

Flies love houses where there’s a lot of clutter. They prefer places where the washing up is in the sink with food scraps on plates. Kitchens where rubbish bins are full with the lids off or not closed properly, and pet food bowls that have leftover food in them.  This is sheer heaven for flies. To keep flies from seeing your home as a restaurant, you’ll need to go from room to room and close down the smorgasbord. And to deter the flies, you need to do this fly– check at least twice a week.

Using a professional fly eradication and control service such as Acacia Pest Control is the most efficient and effective way to guarantee all flies and eggs are removed from your house or business.

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Clean Up After Your Pets to Keep Flies Away

Flies prefer to lay their eggs on poop, and as unpleasant as that sounds, it’s the truth. The eggs then hatch after 24 hours, so for every doggie do-do you leave in the yard, or cat poo you leave uncovered in the litter tray, the numbers of flies will multiply quickly. No amount of repellents, household insect sprays, traps, or fly catchers will do any good if the basic hygiene problem remains. To keep flies away, you need to clean up the dog poo in the backyard and pick out the poo from the cat litter (rubber gloves of course!) every day. You should also keep your animals’ bedding clean and if you have rabbits, guinea pigs or birds their cages need to be cleaned out daily as well. This will also deter rats and other poop-eating pests as well as flies.

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Figure Out How the Flies Are Getting Indoors

Flies will get into your house or workplace when doors are opened and closed, that’s normal, and a quick squirt with a reputable spray or the use of traps, repellents and fly catchers can fix a minor fly infestation. But if you find you have lots of flies indoors, you should try to work out where the security breach is occurring. Check your insect screens for damage. Perhaps a screen has a rip in it, or it’s hanging off the window damaged and needs replacing. Check for cracks in walls and the caulking in the windows and then examine the weather strips around the doors to make sure your home is fly-proof.  If you don’t have flyscreen doors then perhaps you should invest in some for any doors that lead outside. Make sure nobody is leaving the screen doors open and letting the flies in.

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Keep Flies Away From Your House

Practical Steps to Keep Flies Away From Your House

Flies can breed and multiply in force when they have a good food source, where there is a need for better hygiene, and where rubbish is allowed to accumulate in areas such as:

  • Empty drink cans and bottles
  • Drains
  • Garbage bins
  • Rotting fruit, and some vegetables
  • Spills not properly cleaned up
  • Floor cracks

Once Acacia Pest Control pest manager have rid your house of the fly menace, these very easy, practical steps will help to stop flies from gaining access to liquids and foods around your house or business premises and help to prevent the infestation from recurring:

  1. Always Cover Food – Flies love any kind of food, even the tiniest breadcrumb is attractive to them, so carefully cover leftovers and wipe benchtops and tables clean after meals and meal preparation.
  2. Restrict Access to Water –  Flies need water, so repair any leaky taps and clear blocked drains.
  3. Apply Good Food Hygiene – Keep all sinks and drains, garbage bins and food areas clean, and remove garbage regularly so flies can’t breed in them.
  4. Screen Entry Points: Try to keep doors shut and install flyscreen doors and windows if necessary to help keep flies away.
  5. Install a Fly Zapper – These are necessary for killing flies in businesses where food is handled, and they’re great for outdoor areas in your house both indoors and outside where meals are served.
  6. Fly repellents  For a natural repellent, buy some essential oils that deter flies (lavender, basil, mint, clove, and lemongrass) and make a spray by mixing the oil with water. Spray it around the kitchen, and around the door frames. Make sure you label the fly spray bottle and keep out of reach of pets and children.

Do you have a fly infestation in your Geelong, Western District, Surfcoast, Golden Plains, Melbourne or Bellarine Peninsula house or business premises? If you need expert professional advice about flies, or treatment and removal services, call Acacia Pest Control for a quote on 1300 257 774, or email info@acaciapestcontrol.com.au.

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