June 11, 2019

Winter is coming, and so are the Rodents!

Common Rodent Entry Points and Harbours

Whether you think tiny little mice are adorable or you scream in fright at the sight of one – even if you have a pet rat and love it to bits – one thing is for sure, you don’t want pest rodents to get into your house or building. One of the best preventative measures to take if you have a rodent problem is to work out how the hell they’re getting inside.

You’d be surprised at how clever rodents are – but they wouldn’t have survived for millions of years if they weren’t such crafty little creatures.

Acacia Pest Control pest manager are the experts in providing residential and commercial rodent eradication and control services to Geelong, Colac, Surf Coast, Bellarine Peninsula, Western District, Lara and Werribee to Melbourne.

How Rodents Get Inside

Rats and mice are very shrewd rodents who are expert at finding the easiest ways to set up house and raise their offspring. Rodents use their senses of touch and sight to find points of entry. However, they also have such keen senses that they can feel the slightest draft of warm air that alerts them to a tiny crack or shows them a hole they can squeeze through. These are some of the common entry points that rodents use to invade your fortress:

  • Door gaps
  • Electrical wires
  • Fence railings
  • Gaps between materials
  • Plumbing
  • Poorly sealed doors and window frames
  • Roof vents, air conditioning, and heating units
  • Tree branches
  • Weak foundations and materials
  • Window ledges and sills
  • Weep vents and water conduits

See the diagram below for other entry points.

rodent entry points

If rats or mice invade your house or building, you will need a professional rodent pest manager such as Acacia Pest Control for treatment, removal and control of the problem to protect your family’s health and possessions.

Check For Rodent Entry Points Around the House

Rodents don’t even need a tree branch to climb to get into your home because they can scale sheer walls like spiders to reach a second storey. Rats and mice can flatten themselves to slip through tiny openings, so the best thing to do is call Acacia Pest Control to find the likely entry points and eradicate the pests. Or you can do a check yourself by looking around the perimeter of your house for any weaknesses the rodents will find to enter. If you have any decaying branches or building materials, or pipes that can be rodent tunnels you should remove them. The smallest hole can be a route for rodents to gain entry to your home, and it may take a few hours of serious hunting to find where the rats and mice are getting in.

Rodent-Proofing Your Home

It will take time and money to completely rodent-proof your home or building, but it is well worth the effort. Remember, the process can be a matter of trial and error since some methods are simple and should work immediately – removing garbage, materials and vegetation harbours – and others may have to be tested. Our Acacia Pest Control pest manager will be able to offer you tried and true advice on the different wire mesh solutions available and suggest other environmentally friendly methods to deter rodents from entering your home.

At Acacia Pest Control Geelong, we keep abreast of all the latest rodent control innovations for eradicating infestations of rats and mice. We protect more than 200 Geelong businesses and over 10,000 families by providing professional pest manager for treatment and removal solutions for all rat or mouse pest problems. Call Acacia Pest Control on 1300257774 today, or send an email to info@acaciapestcontrol.com.au.