Bird Pest Control

Bird Pest Control

Birds can become a pest problem that requires prevention, bird deterrents or other control measures when they decide to nest or roost in areas of your Geelong home or business. The deterrent helps to scare birds away. Bird droppings and nesting matter will have a negative impact on the building and surrounds, so before the issue takes hold, call Acacia Pest Control service to provide effective prevention techniques such as bird netting, mesh or bird spikes to deter the pest.

Feral birds can carry more than 60 diseases and pass them on to pets and people, including your customers if you run a business. If you have a bird pest it’s best to do something as soon as possible, since the longer it’s left, the harder it is to manage. Infestations of feral birds also attract other unwanted pests such as fleas, lice and flies, but more commonly, the bird mite.

Reasons why infestations of pest birds need removal, control and management in Geelong:

  • Bird pests carry ectoparasites and more than 60 transmittable diseases
  • Droppings corrode and stain building materials due to high acidity
  • Birds nest in warehouses can contaminate stored food or production
  • High cost of dropping cleanups annually
  • Bird nests are a fire risk near lighting or wiring and can clog drains
  • The slip and fall hazard of droppings is a liability

Bird pests are common issues in the cities and towns of Australia, and Geelong is no exception. Serious bird deterrents and other effective solutions are necessary, as well as removal and control by experts such as the Acacia Pest Control service in Geelong.

Bird pests pose an additional serious problem of contamination to food-producing businesses in Geelong and elsewhere with the spread of diseases such as salmonella through droppings and other diseases spread by the parasites birds carry.

Salmonella and other diseases spread by bird pests can lead to serious illness to customers and staff, and expose the commercial enterprise to fines, negative publicity and litigation. Droppings can also damage company machinery and vehicles.

Bird droppings are highly acidic and can affect sandstone and other materials, and damage air conditioning equipment in both the home and business premises, industrial machinery, insulation and the vehicles of staff, customers, and the business.

Residential Bird Control

At Acacia Pest Control service we offer effective methods in houses, factories, hospitals, aircraft hangers warehouses, and food manufacturing buildings using bird spikes, bird netting or deterrents and environmentally friendly bird control techniques.

If you have a serious bird pest in your Geelong workplace or home you’ll need bird control products, netting services or bird repellent. The removal and the control of bird pests are as important in the homes of Geelong as they are in any commercial setting.

So, call Acacia Pest Control service today, and our best bird control expert will identify the feral bird that’s commonly found in Geelong buildings and homes, and we’ll deal with your worry professionally and effectively.

At Acacia Geelong, we keep abreast of all the latest bird control innovations including bird deterrent, bird netting, bird spikes and we install a range of humane, unobtrusive, and effective bird pest control systems designed to safeguard homes and working environments.

Why Are Birds So Harmful?

Bird Control

Feral bird populations in Geelong and elsewhere are a pest and can be a public health risk since they usually gather in populations anywhere there is shelter and food. This means the bird problem will need to be addressed via site appropriate prevention, bird deterrents and pest control products because it can become a problem around Geelong hospitals, houses, high rise city buildings and schools.

Apart from the nuisance value, Bird pests can cause a lot of damage and transmit diseases such as histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis and psittacosis (ornithosis).

With pest birds, there could be more than just avian flu to worry about – the problem is especially risky in residential areas, as many of the droppings are airborne and can be transferred to humans. Some diseases linked to pest birds such as starlings, pigeons, and house sparrows:

  • Histoplasmosis – a fungus that grows in dry droppings can cause this respiratory disease that can be fatal.
  • Psittacosis – (parrot fever) is rare but when dried droppings become airborne, people can inhale the fungus.
  • Candidiasis – a fungal or yeast infection spread to humans by pigeons.
  • Cryptococcosis – the illness often begins as a pulmonary disease and may later affect the central nervous system.
  • St. Louis Encephalitis – inflammation of the nervous system, usually causes drowsiness, headache and fever, can be fatal. Mosquitoes that have been feeding on infected pigeon, sparrow and house finch droppings spread the disease.
  • Salmonellosis – “food poisoning” traced to pigeons, starlings and sparrows’ droppings; the dust can be sucked through ventilators and air conditioners.
  • E.coli – cattle carry E. coli so if birds go pecking through cow manure, the bacteria goes through the birds and droppings and can end up on food or in the water supply.

How to Control Birds

The number of bird pests in any area is governed by the amount of food available to them. Therefore, for effective prevention and to help control a population, you should remove all sources of food and water, and also discourage people from feeding the birds flock, especially in public places. Also, don’t leave pet food etc., outside or near homes. Feral pest bird flocks now dominate the city and urban landscapes, country towns, and agricultural areas because of the readily available:

  • Freshwater
  • Food
  • Secure nesting places
Myna Bird Control

The best way to minimise or prevent the nuisance caused by feral Bird pests in Geelong is to control where they feed, roost, and nest. There are many professional prevention, removal, and pest control products available such as bird deterrents solution, but you can lessen the chances of having one in the first place if you follow these tips and remove sources of food and water such as:

  • Bird feeders
  • Pet food bowls
  • Bird baths

Other effective control methods you can implement between pest inspections include:

  • Plant your gardens to attract native birds, since most introduced birds thrive in association with lawns and buildings.
  • Reducing lawn areas by planting native trees and shrubs makes your property unattractive to introduced bird species.
  • Exotic plants that produce berries can attract exotic birds such as Red-whiskered Bulbuls and the Common Blackbird, so don’t plant these trees or shrubs.
  • Common Starlings and Indian Mynas like to use cavities, so reduce or secure the areas birds prefer to roost or nest in such as roof spaces.

As a deterrent to a bird pest, make sure you minimise food waste, especially if you run a Geelong restaurant or serve and cook food. Make sure food is stored well, and spillage is kept to a minimum. Also, remove any bird nests you might find on the building.

Regularly destroy nests, employ other control and bird deterrent methods. For advice on how to prevent damage from birds, other pest control products and services, call Acacia Pest Control service in Geelong.

At Acacia Pest Control Geelong, we strive to be the best at identifying, qualifying and delivering effective prevention, proofing and bird control products – Our Bird experts have solutions that go beyond our customer’s expectations. We offer professionally trained netting installers who provide services in all Bird pest management solutions.


Do You Need a Bird Control Expert?

Many homes and property owners in Geelong and elsewhere fail to realise they have a feral bird pest. But if you have the following:

  • One or two birds frequently visiting your yard or property.
  • A buildup of bird droppings in your yard or around your property.

You will have a problem sooner or later.

Bird Control Expert

Australia has more than 800 bird species, not all of them are pests, but there are both native and introduced bird species that can become pests in Geelong and be responsible for damage to horticultural crops, buildings and biodiversity.

Some introduced bird species have become major pests and compete with native bird species for resources such as space, food or nest sites (e.g. the Indian Myna, introduced in the 1860s as a control measure against insects in Melbourne markets gardens (it failed).

The Indian Myna (often called the flying rat) along with the Rock Dove/Feral Pigeon, spreads bird mites. Another introduced species is the European Song Thrush, but it’s confined to Melbourne and Geelong. If you have any of the following bird pests in or around your Geelong home or company building, you can be assured that sooner or later you will have a bird pest problem, so act soon.

Bird pests in Geelong include the following:

  • Sparrow
  • Indian Myna
  • Pigeon
  • Seagull
  • Common Starling
  • European Song Thrush

A few examples of ectoparasites these bird pests carry include:

  • Bed bugs
  • Chicken mites
  • Yellow mealworms

What To Expect From Our Bird Pest Control Services

Once you realise you have a bird pest in your Geelong home or business premises, you should take action to deter the birds from perching, nesting and roosting at night on or inside your building. If you don’t act as soon as you realise you have a problem, things can escalate quickly, and you then have a much larger, more costly bird control issue.

In most cases, corrective netting, and other effective proofing, removal and high-quality bird control products will mean your property has long-term bird-proofing.

At Acacia Pest Control Geelong, we offer the following site-appropriate techniques and control measure such as shooting, proofing; using netting, repellent, shock tracks, bird spikes, and the AVEPRO system:

Bird Pest Control Services
  • Netting: High-quality bird pest netting systems for bird proofing a building are designed for Australian and New Zealand industrial and commercial buildings and applications. The netting is low visibility, durable, and comes in a variety of sizes. Warranty of 10 years but should last much longer.
  • AVEPRO Wire System: A discreet, durable and versatile anti-bird pest proofing solution ideal for ledges, pipes, parapets, exposed roof ridges, and other narrow parts of a building. They’re constructed from quality nylon-coated stainless steel and come with a 10-year warranty, but should last longer.
  • Bird Spikes: Stainless steel spikes designed for bird proofing to deter pest birds – they’re one of the most sturdy and fit for Australian conditions. The bird spikes will hinder birds from perching on roofs, parapets, ledges, beams, and numerous other parts of buildings. Warranty of 10 years, but should last longer; five in saltwater areas.
  • AVEPRO Shock Track: The electrified shock track is powerful for proofing against bird pests and is the least visible of all the anti-bird systems. These have a 10-year warranty and should perform for many more years.

If you have a population of any kind of bird pest in or around your Geelong home or yard, company offices, or other business premises, and need effective bird removal and control, call Acacia Pest Control today on 1300257774 today or send an email to

Gutter Guard Proofing

Some Gutter guard proofing pictures. Stops birds, possums, rats and mice accessing your roof cavity. Also keeps leaves and other debris from blocking gutters and down pipes. Also bushfire embers.