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Mosquitoes are found in Geelong and all over Australia, with different species dominating different areas, although higher numbers inhabit wet, coastal regions. Mosquitoes infest homes and commercial premises both inside and in the yards and grounds, as anyone attending a barbecue in warm weather will attest.

Many serious diseases such as malaria and dengue fever are transmitted to humans by mosquitoes, and with global temperature rising due to climate change, the need for professional mosquito control is more necessary than ever. Global warming is allowing mosquitoes and other disease-carrying insects to adapt to different seasons, proliferate, and spread to new, now warmer areas.

Australia has more than 300 species of mosquitoes, and with the increased rainfall and humidity associated with changes in the climate, the boundaries could be shifting.

This means that diseases such as malaria and dengue (which have been eradicated in Queensland through spraying and other mosquito treatments) could return and head further south. Geelong has plenty of the disease-carrying pests, so it is now even more important to get rid of mosquitoes and repel them from homes, yards and the environment in Geelong.

Mosquito Bites Linked to Buruli Ulcer Spread in Victoria?

The search for answers to beating the Buruli Ulcer In Victoria is ongoing, with research(1) showing that mosquitoes may play a major part in the spread. The prevalence of Buruli Ulcers seem to be associated with stagnant water or swampy areas, which are the breeding grounds for mosquitoes. New Research, the Beating Buruli mosquito control study, is planned for areas of the Mornington Peninsula to investigate how mosquito control affects the disease’s transmission.

There may be a link between mosquito bites and Buruli Ulcers as they tend to affect similar regions of the body. Buruli Ulcers (M. ulcerans) can occur on any part of the body, but usually on a limb. It was found that the calves, ankles, elbows, upper sides of forearms and hands were the most common areas of the body to have Buruli Ulcers(2).

Buruli Ulcers

Source: Fig 2. Density map of the distribution of Buruli ulcer lesions on front and back templates of the human body generated using ArcGIS software version 10.3.1.

Signs, Diagnosis, and Treatments for Buruli Ulcers

The incubation period is thought to be from weeks to months, with the first sign usually a painless, non-tender, often itchy papule or nodule the sufferer is likely to think is an insect bite. The nodule may begin to erode in one to two months and form an ulcer.

Sometimes the ulcer presents as a painless but firm raised plaque. At other times a whole limb may be affected, with swelling and fever, but without an ulcer. Early diagnosis and treatment with antibiotics is crucial to minimise the disfiguring and disabling effects of Buruli Ulcer.

Acacia Pest Control pest manager are the best and most professional experts near you, so don’t hesitate to call us they’re to remove and control of mosquitoes.

How to Control Mosquitoes

While adult mosquitoes eat plant juices and nectar, the female needs a feed of blood before she lays her eggs. So, usually at dusk and into the night, the female mosquito bites animals and humans and goes from person to person or animal.

This means the mosquito can pick up diseases and pass them on to you. Some species do bite during the day, for instance, the Asian Tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus), which carries dengue fever and inhabits more tropical areas.

So, professional Mosquito pest control both inside the house and yard is vital for the health of your family, or in a working environment, for employees. Acacia will treat the house and also do yard spraying for mosquitoes. In the meantime, you can follow these tips to lessen the chances of an infestation:

  • Control the occasional mosquito in the house with a cloud of store bought aerosol spray that the pest has to fly through.
  • With many mosquitoes inside, spray a flat surface where they will land or rest in the daytime. Areas such as behind drawers and cupboards, beneath pictures and under furniture are places they rest.
  • Spray outside resting areas such as under plant leaves, decking roofs, eaves, decking flooring.
  • Bed bugs, beetles, bull ants
  • Cockchafers, centipedes, crickets
  • Earwigs
  • Fleas, flies, lice
  • Midges, mites
  • Mosquitos, moths
  • Scorpions
  • Slaters, snails, slugs
  • Weevils
Mosquito Control

Do You Need Mosquito Control Expert?

Mosquito Control Expert

The prime mosquito season in most parts of Australia is during the warmer months, with infestations more likely after a bout of heavy rain. In the tropical regions, mosquitoes are a problem all year, although numbers are a lot higher in the warm, wet season.

It’s easy to work out if you have a mosquito infestation – there are lots of pests and lots of bites! For early indications of potential problems, you can have some control of mosquitoes by checking any pools or stagnant water around your house or yard.

If there are wrigglers in the water, you’ve got a problem brewing. So, remove or empty any water that might be gathering in garden pots or containers, and in top-watering plants such as bromeliads, spraying some cooking oil on top of the water repels mosquitoes so they don’t lay eggs in it.

Exterminating pests is all part of our best outdoor mosquito control services carried out by Acacia Pest Control.

What To Expect From Our Mosquito Pest Control Services

At Acacia Pest Control, we use environmentally safe and professional methods to control and exterminate mosquitoes in homes and business premises, and also from commercial food preparation locations.

Our professional mosquito pest manager use products that do not harm humans, animals or the environment. These products are safely and effectively used in aged care facilities and child care centres, hospitals and schools, so for anyone sensitive to hazardous particles in the air, our products are non-toxic and won’t irritate them.

Our professional mosquito pest manager will come to your home or business premises and check for any entry points and anything that might enable mosquito breeding, such as stagnant water etc. as mentioned earlier.

Mosquitoes will lay eggs in any large pet water bowls and will shelter in shady areas during the day, so yard spraying for mosquitoes will be carried out. Our expertly-trained and licensed mosquito pest manager will create a customised treatment program designed to maintain a perfect, mosquito-free environment both indoors and outside.

The products our professionals use to kill the mosquitoes provide repellent benefits which can last up to 90 days.

Mosquito Pest Control Services

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