January 14, 2019

How Much Do Pest Control Services Cost?

Professional pest control companies are often asked by home and business owners how much it will cost to remove termites from their properties, or the costs to get rid of other pests like rats, mice, problem birds, bed bugs, cockroaches, ants and other types of pests in Australia.

And they’re certainly valid questions since a pest infestation, whether it be in a home you’re going to buy or sell, the home you’ve lived in for years, or a business premise, pest issues can pose some very serious problems. Termites can chew on the structures of a home and slowly deteriorate any wooden furniture, and bird droppings left behind by problem birds can pose as a health hazard. However, how much it will cost to treat, remove and control pests is not something a pest control professional can tell you straight away as it can vary depending on many conditions.

There are many factors that can contribute to the price of pest control, and each job is different, so it’s very hard to provide accurate pricing for the service online, and instead you should opt for an in-house inspection to get an accurate cost for pest treatments.

Acacia Pest Control supports over 200 local businesses and over 10,000 families by providing professional pest control services, solutions and treatments.

Factors Considered in Pest Control Prices

There are many different factors that are considered in determining pest control prices. Your pest control company would need to do an internal and external pest inspection to understand the scale of the infestation and see what treatment methods would be the most effective – which all affect the treatment costs for your pest control services.

The list of factors considered in the overall cost of treatment, removal and control of a pest infestation are:

  • The Pest: The cost depends on the type of pest, e.g. ridding your home of cockroaches will be a different price than eliminating rodents as different methods are used.
  • The Size: Yes, size matters here – treating a big, established flea problem, for example, takes longer and will cost more than a smaller, and more contained one.
  • Treatment: The kind of treatment needed affects the price – a quick treatment for pest control vs an ongoing treatment over a period of time.
  • Property: The size of the property entails how much time and money will be needed for the service.
  • Treatment numbers: Some pests need repeat treatments to control them successfully such as termite control and maintaining the termite barrier around your property.

Acacia Pest Control specialises in providing information, advice and services for all pests including termites – Since 2000, Acacia has expanded from operating locally in Bellarine Peninsula to servicing the wider Geelong areas including the Western District, Surfcoast, Golden Plains, and Melbourne regions today.

Our Residential Pest Control Service

Residential Pest Control

Because the needs of commercial premises and residential homes are different, the cost of pest control services also reflects this. There are specific laws that commercial premises have to abide by with regard to pest infestations, health and safety of employees and customers and food safety. Pest infestations in commercial properties also often need ongoing support such as an integrated pest management program to comply with these laws – all of which impacts the costs of the service.

At Acacia Pest Control, we support our local community through donations and fundraising to keep our community strong – We now have a special offer of $50 OFF a full timber pest inspection for termites, borers, and fungi.

Fast & Professional Pest Inspections

Pest Inspections

For an accurate assessment of the cost of pest treatment, it’s best to hire a pest inspector to come into your home for a closer investigation so they can inspect the internal and external areas that are infected. At Acacia Pest Control, a certified, professional pest control expert will contact you to discuss your particular pest problem and arrange a time suitable for a visit to your home or business premises.

The inspector will examine all the relevant areas of your building and yard for signs to assess the exact type of pest and the extent of the infestation. The inspector will go through with you about what has been found and recommend the most effective pest control treatment and control measures needed to be put in place -and finally, provide you with a quote for the cost of the work. The inspector will also advise you about ways to prevent a recurrence of the problem and the possible need for regular inspections to control the pest.

Is Pest Control Worth The Money?

Pest control treatment and removal treatments are well worth the money as you’re prioritising the protection of your home. Plus, our treatments are priced competitively so you don’t need to worry about burning a hole in your back pocket to get rid of pests on your property. Getting professional pest services can help with the treatment and removal of pests before it turns into an infestation. For instance, termite control is critical in order prevent structural damage to your house – and you’ll need an pest manager so that proper treatment can be organised for your property.

If you have a rodent or possum problem on your property, it’s best to organise pest control services to take care of it as you can expect it to turn into a nuisance that will get out of control. Even other pest control concerns such as termite, cockroaches, ants, spiders and other pest infestations can be exterminated by your local pest control company at a small price. So, it’s well worth the research to contact a pest control service to get rid of pests around your home in order to keep it clean.

How Much Does Pest Control Cost in Australia?

To get an accurate pest control cost quote, we recommend giving a quick call to your local reputable pest control company to see how much you can expect for the cost of pest control treatment for your situation. If you’re wondering how much does pest control cost in Australia, contact our team at Acacia Pest Control today and we’ll help you in no time.

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