June 17, 2015

Pest Control and your Family’s Health

Pest controlling products are designed to specifically target pests that are found in the home. So surely they are safe? But there is still a nagging suspicion that they may not be, especially for our children.


Cleanliness and pest control are important for the health of your family, domestic pets and your home, and you need to use them to prevent all kinds of illnesses and diseases stemming from common pests, you need the answer to: ‘how safe are these products really?’

The most dangerous pest control products are mostly the DIY methods.

mouse trap


Due to ignorance and inexperience, the most dangerous pest controlling products are those that can be purchased off the shelf. This is a real trap and a situation where products used incorrectly can be a lingering trap. The reason for this is because if they are used improperly, [diluted incorrectly or applied carelessly], the products that would otherwise be safe and effective can instantly become highly dangerous and hazardous.

This is the same for many cleaning products- oven cleaners, drain cleaners, de-greasers, concrete cleaning products, automotive engine cleaners, common bleach are all highly toxic to humans. Not to mention petrol, used automotive oil, leaking torch batteries, emissions off new carpets or plastic appliances, heating food in plastic take away containers, all of which are known toxicants or cancer causing agents.

The unwitting homeowner might innocently use a DIY pest control or cleaning product in the wrong area of the home. For instance, spraying a pesticide in or around an area where food cooking utensils are kept can be dangerous. However, your average homeowner may not know this and the result is contaminated food and often, illness.

When you employ the services of a professional pest control company, the pest control products are not dangerous.

Professional pest control companies are experts in their knowledge and safe use of pesticides, rodenticides, insecticides, termicides and other products but most importantly the techniques required to apply them safely. Pest control products and the users of these products must be registered with the Department of Human Services here in Victoria – this ensures the products are safe and will be used in a safe manner.

Our pest control technician will know exactly how to handle the products, how to dilute the ingredients and more importantly place the product safely. This will ensure that the end product is not harmful to anyone who comes into contact with it but ultimately harmful to the targeted pests it was designed to control.

Pest control products are designed to affect the target based on bodyweight – meaning that, when used correctly, they cannot affect anything bigger.

This means that your baby, toddler and pets are safe, unless they weigh the same as the targeted pest! The reality is that a pest control product in its concentrated form can be lethal to a baby or small child. However the registered application method and a pest controllers training and techniques would ensure that contact between the two will never ever happen.

Furthermore, a professional pest controller will inform you of how to reduce the potential of a future infestation.

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